The Internet is vast and full of potential. But on that same token, it’s multi-faceted and lacking in uniformity. As such, making those vital connections between the different web applications, websites and online services can sometimes be a challenge. Just like we humans have difficulty communicating with those who live on the other side of the world and speak another language, the people, programs and services that populate the Internet sometimes have trouble working together. This is where Internet software can help. Internet software can help you get more out of your experience on the Web by allowing you to bridge those gaps where technology doesn’t quite line up. For example, if you’re migrating your emails, contacts and calendars from one email protocol and client to another, or if you’re trying to translate your vision for a website into HTML, Javascript, Flash or CSS, Internet software can help. Or, let’s say that you want to share files with a friend or colleague, or show a client your screen, or take control of a customer’s computer so you can help them with a technical support issue.

From channeling your creativity into readable code that can be parsed and rendered by web servers to making the various parts of the Internet work better together, Internet software helps you do more things online in less time.

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