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The world of high technology and computers is progressing more quickly and with greater detail than any book can teach. That is why we offer our directory of education and training companies for computers. Work in the computer industry includes fields like hardware, software, networking, programming, and design. Work on the computer, however, can apply to any one of thousands of fields, from accounting to human resources to web development. Any job that requires word processing or record keeping is likely to need a computer as well as education and training on how to use it effectively. In these areas, companies often need specialized software for their industry. Managers may provide employees with opportunities for higher education in their field so that they can contribute knowledge to the company upon graduation. In other cases, an online course or a day-long seminar in an area of computer training is the preferred option. Sometimes, businesses will contract directly with training companies that are developers of the technology the employee needs to learn. Other times, training takes place with certified local providers. These types of opportunities can allow an employee time to learn software well enough to be the lead contact in the company for questions from other employees. This benefits the company because it is able to build its capabilities and become more efficient in its day-to-day work. It also helps employees looking to advance their careers and add value to their companies. Check our Education and Training Companies directory for more information.

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